Friday, October 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Open Borders.

Sometimes the Conspiracy Theroists are Correct. The Los Angeles Times in 2007 that the Clintons supported open borders. Bill Clinton was quoted as saying, "Three weeks ago, her husband drew applause at a conference of 14,000 Indian Americans in Washington as he extolled the benefits of "open borders, easy travel, easy immigration." He said the outsourcing debate bothered him because it failed to acknowledge the contributions of Indians who settled in the U.S."

Los Angeles Times - Clinton's free-trade advocacy is hitting labor where it lives

Well, it turns out she still favors those thing. In a speech she gave to an Italian bank she stated, "My dream is of a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders..." That statement comes from one of the hacked e-mails.

Washington Examiner - 'Open trade and open borders': Hacked emails contain transcripts of Clinton paid speeches .

MSN - Washington Post - Hacked emails appear to reveal excerpts of speech transcripts Clinton refused to release.  She is quoted as calling for open borders and having Wall Street regulate itself.

Both Hillary and Bill changed their minds on open borders and now support them. Prior, they had called for building a wall. What changed? What changed was NAFTA and a different vision for America. What Hillary describes is called regionalism and it is nothing new.

It is pretty simple, what the corporate establishment wants to create a about five different regions that have internally open borders (amongst those in the region), open trade and share a common currency and market. Basically she is in favor of creating an American Union similar in scope and approach to the European Union and this is in her words.

The United Kingdom (Britain) voted to leave the European Union because it did not vote for, want or ever agree to over half their laws being written in Brussels by unelected bureaucrats. Trump is not in favor of these things, he just openly discusses it. Those who are in favor of it, like Hillary, only say these things to their donors.

Do you want open borders? Are you angry that their intent to create a North American Union based on the European is not being openly discussed by it's supporters? This and getting rid of monopolies and bringing jobs back to America is what this election is about and neither the media or Hillary Clinton want you to know that or for Americans to have an open discussion about it.

The U.S. corporate media is going to try and avoid discussing this issue; but, it will be picked up by and discussed by Mexican, Canadian and British newspapers. Brexit was about freeing the United Kingdom from the European Union so that they could join the North American Union and this was told to me in the late 1970s by my professor of Intenational Relations, the agenda has not changed and is still not being discussed by the people who will have to live under it, it is not being discussed with the public. Elitists do not tell the unwashed masses what they are really up to, they just play on your emotions and biases.

By the way, I want to talk about the media just a bit more.

Washington Post - Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005.  The "important" story is that Trump, 11 years ago, talked about how he tried to have sex with some woman. This was during a car trip with someone from the press, it was a private, open conversation. Hillary Clinton has claimed that we cannot possibly elect someone who looks at women like this; but, we did elect her husband who moistened his cigar on a young White House page named Monica Lewinsky and received oral sex in the Oval office.

My readers know that I don't talk about women that way on this blog. I also know that many men and women talk about sex amongst certain members of their gender as if it were sport. Trump was a playboy in New York, I think we all knew that, it was certainly discussed. Kennedy also had mistresses as did Eisenhower and many, many others. Just so happens we don't know if Trump was married at the time he had tried to get this lady to sleep with him. More importantly, we know Hillary is not truly shocked as many women have slept with her husband during their marriage. I don't think this will change anyone's vote, I don't think that is why it is in the news, I think it is in the news so they have an excuse for not discussing the real issue that came out today, that Hillary is for open borders.

As for me, I do not care who Hillary, Trump or Bill has slept with, tried to sleep with or took whatever sexual position with. I care about jobs for younger Americans, controlling our borders and national security and penalizing companies that hide taxes overseas that should be paid here. If it turned out that Hillary was bi-sexual, would it really change your vote, it would not effect mine at all.

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