Saturday, October 1, 2016

Clinton, Trump and Cuba

At the moment the corporate media is attempting to convince people in Florida that Trump illegally conducted business in Cuba. Hillary Clinton herself has pushed this agenda; but, it is untrue and dishonest.

Let's start with this. Hillary Clinton called for lifting the embargo on Cuba as stated in her own book. The fact is that this is not being reported shows just how disingenuous the media is.

The Washington Post - On Cuba, it’s Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.  The article is from 2014. Maybe the media just has a short memory. Oh, you can search the internet and find many stories that were written at the time. Here is a line from the article, "Every step of the way, we faced vocal opposition from some members of Congress who wanted to keep Cuba in a deep freeze. But I remained convinced that this kind of people-to-people engagement was the best way to encourage reform in Cuba and that it was profoundly in the interests of the United States and the region. This thinking, Clinton wrote, is what led her to ultimately recommend to Obama that he consider lifting the embargo, which he now has called on Congress to do."

As for Trump, there is no evidence that he has ever called for lifting the embargo on Cuba. The so called "business" he conducted was sending down some of his people to Cuba, we do not know the exact reason for the trip; but, it was not illegal and he made NO business arrangements or deals. These things are facts and not innuendo.

Again, the focus should be on the media and not on Clinton or Trump's position on Cuba. The fact is that Obama has already begun lifting the embargo and opening Cuba up to travel. Now, personally I am in favor of ending the Cuban embargo and allowing travel there. If you can trade with Vietnam and China (which by the way just threatened the United States - CNBC - US will pay price for THAAD deployment, Beijing mouthpiece People's Daily says) why can't we trade with Cuba?

The current corporate talking points are not about Cuba, they are just an attempt to get Cuban votes for Hillary and the Democratic party. The disgusting part is that the media is playing along rather than trying to present you with the facts so you can make up your own mind.

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