Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hillary Calls For Gerrymandering.

In the last two days there has been a lot written about how Hillary Clinton dismissed millennials as cellar dwellers. Here is the actual audio.

YouTube - [LEAKED AUDIO] Hillary Clinton Calls Sanders Supporters Basement Dwellers.

What has not been discussed is more important. At 2:32 she says that in order to have a revolution the Democrats have to have control of the senate and the house of representatives. We have had the Democrats in control of both and nothing changed. We have had the Republicans in charge of both and nothing changed. A vote for any establishment candidate means nothing changes. The worst comment she made is at 2:44 she says the way to take back the house is to redistrict in order to give an advantage to Democrats. Another word for redistricting is gerrymandering and it is illegal. Redistricting is just another way of denying people the power of their vote. It is anti-democracy.

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