Monday, November 21, 2016

All the Post Election Noise Explained

This is the noisiest post election in my life. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. There are those that hope that if they make enough noise electors will violate their trust and vote in the electoral college differently than the people of their state voted and the election will be given to Hillary instead of Trump. That noise will end in December after the electoral college meets. Just so you know, the Electoral college is a constitutional mandate. To claim that it is undemocratic because it gives small states a say would be the same as saying congress is undemocratic because your state gets the same number of electors as it gets congressional representation.

2. The blaming game amongst Democrats over why they lost the election will continue for longer. The Democratic party is fighting over who they will represent. The Democratic party used to represent the working class; but, turned their back on them to outreach to changing demographics, especially the Latino vote and people in the tech industry. Right now they are fighting over whether or not they are going to make efforts to reach out to the Midwest and working class and the party establishment wants to continue ignoring them while the progressive wing wants to stick to supporting their Midwest rust belt working class voters. My guess is that they will continue with the path they have been on and lose the Midwest.

3. The Republican party, for it's part, is attempting to guide Trump to follow their old policies that he has already rejected. Trump is not a hawk; but, is instead more protectionist and isolationist. He is not focused on "social issues" or "wedge issues". Those are issues like abortion, gay marriage, marijuana legalization, and other non-economic issues. The Republican establishment, like the Democratic establishment, is infighting over who they are going to represent over whether or not it will represent the working class and middle class or go after Latino and tech voters.

4. The media is adding to all the above noise because they were unable to stop Trump winning and it shows that they are not as powerful as they thought they were. It also demonstrates that they over charge for advertising. MSN - Wall Street Journal - After Trump's Win, Ad Agencies Worry They Misunderstand Consumers

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