Sunday, November 6, 2016

Catching Up On Some Old News Articles

Fox - Pension crisis: Fully funded ones a rarity.  The article says that a mistake was made in the 1990s that gave people bigger payouts if they had a government funded pension. This is not quite how things went down. Most public pensions were OVERfunded in the 1990s because of how the stock market had been doing. In fact, some places like Orange County were talking about getting rid of their assets so they could bet on the stock market. Because the funds were over funded the cities and counties were required to return any amounts in excess of what was needed to the employees (because it was there money). Instead some smart politicians offered to increase benefits in exchange for delaying the required payments into the pension funds. That is what happened and when the market crashed those same municipalities and states did not want to return to making their mandatory payments or even paying the ones they had "delayed". When the stock market was rolling, municipalities stopped making payments to the pension funds or vastly decreased them.

USA Today - Bloomberg - Bloomberg helps mayors prepare for self-driving future.  Here is the short on this and I have discussed this before. Your taxes are paying to change the way streets are made to benefit self driving vehicles that will take away millions of jobs. Your taxes paid to put in bike lanes and English style crosswalks because they help self driving vehicles and you have not had anyone explain this to you.

Yahoo - CNBC - Bernie Sanders is trying to single handedly kill AT&T’s $85 billion purchase of Time Warner.  Lets see, 6 companies own or control 90% of the media in America and only Bernie Sanders is trying to stop further consolidation. Ask yourself why the media is allowed to become a monopoly and then after the election go back and see how they were able to collude in the open. The politicians will not break up the media and are afraid of it.

Yahoo - Electoral College tie still looms as a possibility.  If this election goes to the electoral college and the electors do not vote as their state did there will be trouble in the streets.

Daily Caller - Bill Clinton Told Donors The Border Won’t Be Secure ‘For A Very Long Time’.  Does that further explain why Hillary wrote how she favored open borders. Remember, the European Union has open borders basically and that is the direction that multinational corporations and globalists want to go. It does not matter how that makes you feel. The idea is to understand what is going on before having an opinion.

Yahoo - Good Morning America - Nate Silver Predicts a Close 2016 Presidential Race.  We shall see. I don't have a prediction.

MSN - CBS - Could some in electoral college not vote for Clinton? If games occur in the Electoral College there will be major problems and if there is improper voting in the electoral college, it will be to benefit Hillary.

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