Monday, November 7, 2016

Be Nice to One Another After the Election

Well it has been a crazy year and a half. We started with 17 Republican and 3 Democrats running for president. Now it is down to 2. One of them will win tomorrow. I am not making any bets and do have a preference; but, tomorrow it will all be over. The guy who votes for Hillary may be married to a Trump supporter. You can disagree on what this country needs to do and still live with the same consequences. We do. We as a nation will live with whatever the outcome of this election is. WHEN it is over, it will be over. If it goes to the electoral college it could end up in the Congress and take a few days more to finalize; but, we will all live with the consequences together and we can still enjoy each others company.

I went from supporting Sanders to supporting Trump. It has not changed my relationship with my friends and family. Most would see Sanders and Trump as being on opposite sides of things; but, they agree on one thing that I agree with, "If things don't change nothing is going to get better". The path we are on is failing and quickly.

With the things I know and the things I don't know, I don't know how tomorrow will turn out. I do know that we will need to continue to look for new ideas and in order to do that, we should work together. And, if you are going to work with people, you should try and get along with them. Be well and smile.

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