Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Elect Trump and People's Reaction.

I stand by what I wrote two days ago. Be calm, it's over and the world will not end. I would say that even if Hillary had won. People need to understand why Trump was elected, why people voted for him and Sanders. They are fed up with politicians ignoring them and only listening to the wealthy. They are fed up with a corporate media that lies to them and most of all they are fed up with American companies sending jobs overseas. This race was not about social issues as much as the Democrats tried to make it about that. This race was about the economy.

I am watching videos of people in shock and crying because Clinton lost. Get a grip people. Celebrities didn't lose their jobs to China, working people did. Have some sympathy for them making a stand even if you dislike the stand they took. In a few months you will forget how upset you are today. The media did the public a disservice by telling them that Hillary could not lose.

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