Thursday, November 10, 2016

People Who Supported Trump and Obama

There are people who voted for Obama twice and who just voted for Trump. That my friends is a statistical certainty. Who were they and why did they do that? Did they suddenly decide to be racist? Who are these swing voters? What were the issues that convinced swing voters to vote for Obama in the past and now vote for Trump?

Why did a higher percentage of blacks vote for Trump than voted for Romney? I don't know the answer; but, it would be interesting to know the reasons. What causes someone to vote for the  Democrat one year and the Republican the next year? This question is easier than you think. It is people who don't vote for just one party; but, instead vote for the person or policies they are pushing.

So what changed the mind of swing voters? What do Obama and Trump have in common in regards to their message? Obama's motto was "Change" and in many ways so was Trump's. People are not happy and want real change. They do not like the establishment, the politicians or the media. It doesn't matter which party you vote for, nothing changes. That is what people see. Guess what, if Trump doesn't try to make changes, the voters will try something even newer to shake things up.

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