Friday, November 11, 2016

Why Hillary Lost and Protests

Hillary could have won. The Democrats could have won the senate and house. Part of the reason they failed was because they ignored and insulted the future of the party, people who wanted change. Hillary promised no change.

Do you remember the Occupy movement? Do you remember their issues. They wanted an end to trade agreements that leave them without jobs and they wanted the banks to be regulated more. She promised neither of those things and in fact, the exact opposite. They assumed Sanders people would support her no matter what she did and that did not work out.

As for the protests. They are meaningless and silly. You do not see protests by blacks in Detroit because they don't want to see more auto jobs being outsourced. We saw protests in Philadelphia (the City of brotherly love?); but, not in Pittsburg because they want manufacturing jobs back. We did see protests in Berkley and Los Angeles because those places are not manufacturing centers and are doing pretty well. The protests are happening where the few are doing well, not where the many are doing poorly. That is the group that voted for Trump, the people who have had to bear the consequences of the disappearing jobs, high unemployment and lack of opportunity.

The Midwest is in shambles. Not because of sexism, xenophobia, racism or any other ism. The Midwest is in trouble because all the good jobs left the vast middle of this country that sits between New York and Los Angeles. Those are the people who voted for Trump and would have voted for Sanders if they had been given the chance.

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