Friday, January 6, 2017

Report of Alleged Russian Interference in the Election - More Nothing

Here is a copy of the report that was released today by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections.

The first report that I provided about a week ago spent 90% of it's time talking about how to avoid being hacked. This report spends 90% of it's time complaining that RT disparaged Hillary Clinton.

The next link is to the joint session of congress which formally counted the electoral votes and awarded the presidency to Donald Trump.

YouTube - Joe Biden Certifies "Donald Trump" He's OUR President.

A couple of representatives attempted to invalidate the election claiming that Russia was responsible for Hillary's loss. However, if you read the actual report that I linked to above it becomes clear that there is NO evidence of that. To claim that Russian televisions preference of Trump and distrust of Hillary is improper or invalidates our elections is insanity. It also presumes that the vast majority of Americans get their news from Russian television.

Now here is what you need to remember. Long before there was any discussion of Russian hacking the mainstream media was already discussing cheating the electoral college vote. I linked to multiple articles calling for that back in March if last year. Think about that.

The Truth is Inside You - Why Do We Pay For Non-Democratic and Non-Representative Primaries

In my post I linked to this article.

The Washington Post - The electoral college could still stop Trump, even if he wins the popular vote.

The article in the Washington Post was written March 17, 2016. This was before the Republican National Committee had even had their convention. This was an attempted coup and don't blame it on Democrats, it is bigger than that. This was an attempted coup by internationalists against nationalism. It was an attempted coup by the wealthy against the citizens of this country and this is not the end of it.

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