Saturday, February 11, 2017

Born in Debt

I want to ask a question. If in the future almost all jobs are automated, which nation gets the revenue from taxes?  I will ask that in another way. Nations make money to take care of people from taxes. We tax everyone; except those who have no money, no income. You cannot get blood from a stone. What happens when you don't need people's labor, when they have nothing to sell?

You are born in this world with 2 things, your mind and your body, that is it. Society tells us that we are born in debt, at least most of us. We are told that every child born owes X amount because of our national debts. That is garbage. You cannot be born in debt. Debt is an illusion. Debt without an agreement by both parties is slavery. You might be able to sell yourself into slavery morally; but, you cannot be born into it morally.

If someone is born today, why should they respect ownership of the world by those who were born before them? Read that slowly. How does being born mean you owe others? That is silly. Being born means owing nothing to anyone else. If your mother's vagina is attached to a queen or king, you are born owning lots of stuff. How is that right? How do we allow some people to be born with no options or chances and others to be born with all options and no chance of going without. Do you think Prince Harry's kids could possibly end up homeless and with nothing?

I don't know if my readers can see my real point. If all jobs are automated, do newborn babies wake up with debt and no way to pay it? This is about inherited wealth and real privilege. It is about why we should not accept a rigged where we start with nothing and others start with everything. The world is not based on merit, it is based on dishonest and unfair advantage by a few.

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