Monday, February 13, 2017

The Government Doesn't Want You Driving

LA Times - Senators try to speed up deployment of self-driving cars.

Here is the short on the article. Basically Democrats and Republicans want to make national laws to promote and regulate self driving vehicles. The first issue they want to address is getting rid of pedals and steering wheels. Lets be clear, there is no reason to get rid of steering wheels or pedals, they do not prevent the car from being self driving, they just eliminate you having the option to drive.

Now lets talk about how this may effect you down the road, so to speak. When you are prevented from driving yourself then you have to rely on the car for where you go and what route you take. If you go on Google earth, there are certain places you are not allowed to see. Self driving cars will be prohibited from going certain places too. It will start with sex offenders, the cars will recognize them and automatically take routes that keep them away from schools. You will support that gladly. Later cars will be prohibited to go to certain places, like Area 51 or wherever unless you have special permission.

What if the government doesn't want people going to a protest, well, with this technology they could prohibit cars from going to those events or even near them. You may not believe what I am saying; but, most people thought self driving cars would not be accepted in their life time when I began writing about them. About 8 years ago I was telling people that Australia was going to try and censor the internet and I was laughed at to my face. After WikiLeaks released the list of sites that Australia had planned to censor, those same people were not laughing. Never underestimate the establishments hatred of democracy.

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