Monday, March 6, 2017

Obama, Wiretaps and Stories

Well President Trump announced that the Obama administration had bugged Trump tower and his people. The liberal corporate media claims this is silly while the conservative corporate media claims it may have happened. Obama claims he never ordered such a thing; but, that is not quite true.

Lets go back in time to when Trump got elected, that is when the Russia nonsense really began. About a month prior to the election the media and Hillary still believed she would win; but, a month before the election she must have known she was losing because she returned the fireworks that she had planned for her celebration.

After the election results the establishment democrats and corporate media began to look for someone to blame while actively seeking to have electoral delegates violate their duty and change the election outcome. Lets also remember that during the election the media was actively working for Hillary going so far as to feed her debate questions in violation of the media's agreements with the parties and candidates, sending articles to Hillary prior to their being published and using falsely weighed surveys to con the public. I wrote about all of these things at the time and they are not in dispute. The Clinton people even got Stephen Colbert to do a couple of positive pieces on the Clinton Global Initiative.

So, after all that and after Trump becomes President elect, Obama called for called for a review of Russian interference into the election while his people began to say that Trump was tied to the Russians and that WikiLeaks was too. Here is a CNN post from December 9, 2016.

Let's talk about who hacked the Democratic National Committee's email. It is believed by many that it wasn't "hacked"; but, that someone within the party copied the files. WikiLeaks says that it was not Russian's but won't say who their source was. Having said that, they offered a reward in the suspicious murder of Seth Rich which happened after the release of records by WikiLeaks. We should also remember that the person who actually hacked Clinton's email was a person named Guccifer, a famous hacker.

Bottom line, we don't who hacked the DNC and the totality of US intelligence has yet to prove who did nor shown any proof whatsoever, regardless of how the corporate media chooses to spin it. While the media is laughing at the idea that Obama was behind tapping Trump and his incoming administration, they are also claiming that he does not have the authority to order communications to be tapped. While technically true, it is not quite sincere. Do you really believe a president cannot choose who to investigate? Wait go back and watch that first video where he told the intelligence to investigate the Russians as related to the election. We know that the same people attempted on at least two occasions to get the FISA tribunal to allow the tapping of the phones and that request would have gone through the Obama Justice department. It would have been their attorneys that wrote up the documents.

Let me ask another question. Did Obama order an investigation into who released the peegate rumors to the media? Did he investigate the leak over the briefing he and Trump was given? Nope. The nature of his Presidential briefing was released to the public for the first time and he didn't even comment on it. He wanted the investigation over Russian involvement in the election before he left office and it showed nothing. The media never even bothered asking him what the results were.

So what happens if it turns out that Obama's request to investigate Russian involvement in the election was included in the FISA justification for tapping Trump tower and his people? What happens if the head of the Justice department Lynch approved the FISA request?

I didn't immediately feel this story was going to go anywhere; but, I feel different now. We may see an ex-President tried to high crimes unless he gets a pardon from the person he allowed to be bugged.

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