Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Media Confusion Over Trump and General Insincerity

Yahoo - AP - GOP candidates to attend pope events despite differences. What a bunch of hypocritical pandering weasels. The Republican candidates that want pictures of them with the pope, especially the ones that claim to be Catholic; but still disagree with all he stands for are just scum. I am not a Catholic, left that church 40 years ago; but, some of those candidates claim to be Catholic and then claim that the pope shouldn't talk about policy. That is his job. Now they want to get their picture taken with him. I am disgusted.

Bloombergview - Turns Out the Housing Crisis Wasn't All About Subprime. I will get to Trump, the first two links have more to do with just the insincerity and lies of the media. It is the media's inability to see the obvious or at least to mention it that disgusts me. This article begins by saying that more mortgages failed than just the subprime loans. No news there. It then claims that the problem was that banks underestimated the risk and allowed to many loans, that is a lie. The banks knew the risk which is why they sold their loans to others. This article completely ignores the reality of how the crash went down.

Now to Trump and the continuing attacks on him. Yahoo - Donald Trump earns 25 times as much as the overpaid CEOs he bashes. This is an interesting article, Donald Trump has said that CEOs are being paid to much. The article states that Trump makes even more. Okay. Trump OWNS his company, it is not publicly traded. CEOs are employees of companies who may or may not have stock in the companies. There is a big difference. Trump makes money from his television show and not just his company, he is involved in many businesses. Owners of companies (stockholders) should make more than the employees, that is capitalism. Why does a conservative complain that Trump makes more than CEOs, because they don't care about ownership only what you can steal. The article does admit that some hedge fund managers make more than Trump but fails to mention that Trump risks his own money to make money and hedge fund managers risk your money to make money, there is again a big difference between Trump and hedge fund managers.

Yahoo - Business Insider - Donald Trump rages at the media during 'massive' Dallas rally. The media and his opponents regularly say they don't understand why people support Trump and that is just a fad; but, in reality, they know better. Read the article and you will see that the author mentions focus groups who have been asked about Trump and how his supporters don't trust the media or the establishment. I particularly like this line: “The media and the establishment are deathly afraid of Trump,” a focus group member said. “That’s why I particularly love him. Because the media has become de-facto the power behind the throne in this country.” The truth always comes out in the side words of the articles. The media knows we no longer trust the news and that is why we don't care if the media bashes Trump. The media is as scared of Trump as his opponents because he is showing that the Emperor has no clothes.

As you watch the election remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi, first they ridicule you, then the attack you and then they claim they always agreed with you. Trump has made it past the ridicule stage and now the question is whether or not he can make it past the stage where everyone attacks him, after failing at that things are going to get real interesting. My staunchest conservative friends believe their own party will find a way to take him out violently and they support Trump, that means they don't even trust their party.

 Newsmax - Pollster Zogby: Trump Campaign About to Fizzle.  An article with no facts to back it up and little chance of being right, what does it matter when the media only says what they want to happen with no care for reason.

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