Monday, September 14, 2015

The Real Reason the Media Hates Trump

It is a fact that 90% of all the media in the United States is owned by 6 companies. It does not matter if you believe the left or right owns the media, you would just be wrong. The establishment owns the media. Overwhelmingly the media is there to support the status quo and avoid any changes in the fundamental regulations except to reduce them.

I enjoyed The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he poked fun at the hypocrisy of the left and right; but, he offered few if any policies because in the end he was a satirist as he always admitted. The same is true for Stephen Colbert. In the end both of them were still part of the problem, they were free to complain; but, unable to present alternatives. The same is true for the candidates for president this year, they offer no real workable solutions to anything. If they had promoted limiting wealth or tripling welfare payments or eliminating all tax deductions they would have been taken off the air. If you doubt me, show me one person on television who has promoted those things. It doesn't matter if you agree with those policies or not, don't you find it odd that nobody in the media promotes those things in the media.

Consider my blog, I never cuss on the blog, I show no nudity or offensive pictures, I violate no libel or slander laws, I have openly said that I am a pacifist and want out of Iraq and Afghanistan and I believe that we need to change the rules of the game so that the middle class in America can rise again and I am a Nationalist who still believes in helping people in other nations too. I would never be allowed in the mass media because you are not allowed in the mass media unless you are owned by one of those 6 companies. The media seeks to limit political discussions to a very narrow range of options, to keep the status quo and Trump messes that up for them because they don't control him.

A populist is someone who draws their support, not from the establishment; but, from the majority, the people. The media detests populists anymore because the media is part of the establishment. What scares the media about Trump is that he may make suggestions that are not in keeping with the narrow band of things acceptable to the establishment and if he does, they will have to report it. It is not what he has said that scares them, it is what he might say.

Here is a thought. What if Trump promoted a truly merit based college system, how would the media respond? What if Trump said that college had to be free and only merit based, would he get attacked by the media? Now, if you believe in us only paying for people based on merit, would you support it? I believe most people would be against it because they want to believe they can buy there way into success. In reality, college is soon to be only for the wealthy and that rare genius that the wealthy need to support their system.

Now, here is a really interesting thought that is scary to the establishment. If a major economic crash occurs before the presidential elections, what will the government do? Will they bail out the banks with taxpayer money again? Would the nation put up with that? What if they implemented the laws that they have put in effect that allow the banks to pay their debts with your savings as was done in Greece if there is a crash, will the nation tolerate that? If this crash happens before the elections and either of those two things is done, nobody other than Trump or Sanders will be electable to president because all the others supported those changes and are part of the establishment that bailed out the banks last time. If Trump or Sanders does not win and the crash occurs after the elections of some establishment candidate (Bush or Clinton or the other lackeys) then next election, the left and right will get more extreme, that is history and if you don't learn from history you will repeat it.

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