Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Real Failure of People Attacking Trump

I was reading this article in the Financial Times about how people running for the Republican presidential nomination needed to bow out so that a real contender could stop Trump and protect the Republican party. I guess the Financial Times only represents the Republicans according to their words. That is disgusting.

I also have read an article from CBS news which talks about how Trump said that talking garbage about him has not helped any candidate. Donald Trump warns opponents: It's "unlucky to attack me".
He is right, it is not appreciated when politicians or the system attack Trump and for good reason, they are insincere and we all know it. That is the part they don't get, it is not about Trump, he merely exposes their insincerity.

Presidential candidate Scott Walker has blasted Trump and then turned around and said we should consider building a wall between the United States and Canada. Huh? Why did it take the media and others so long to call him on that, they took on Trump immediately for saying we should do so with Mexico and then his opponents agreed with him, at least about the wall.

Here is what the Republicans don't get. Working people want answers that will help them. It is really that simple. The only answers the other Republicans have to helping America is outlawing gay marriage, decreasing taxes on the wealthy, decreasing welfare, social security and eliminating universal healthcare. Am I missing something? I don't think so, oh yeah and making abortion illegal again, like it worked before (and I am morally opposed to abortion). The Democrats are no better, they also only repeat promises that they didn't keep or that didn't work except for Sanders.

The message of every Republican candidate other than Trump is to turn back the clock. Increasing deregulation, increasing privatization and eliminating benefits for half of all Americans is their message while at the same time undoing everything that has occurred since the depression. The Republicans have threatened to shut down the government again, do we all benefit from that? Here is where Trump is different, he says the Iran deal is a bad deal; but, that he will make it work. He doesn't deny the present realities, he says, how can we work with it while the others try and turn back the clock.

My friends are just about all incredibly Republican and detest socialism. I am the outlier; but, like Trump, they know I mean exactly what I say and they also know I am liberal, not a Democrat, liberal. What we have in common is that we all care about Americans and America and we know the parties no longer represent our interests. I used to tell the people I mentored that when they were negotiating with someone the number one thing they should consider is what interests their opponent represented. It didn't matter if your opponent loved you, hated you, was rude, lied or whatever, in the end they would always do what took care of their interests. Look at politicians the same way, if they are funded by the financial institutions then they will make policies to protect those institutions even when they hurt the nation. That is politics. Trump benefits from real estate and that benefits when average Americans have jobs, are happy and secure and want to buy property. It is to his advantage to see America do well. There is nothing wrong with that, that you can count on in a politician, the others sold their souls to globalist interests and those are not American interests. The real failure of the other candidates is the failure to put American interests first and actually mean it.

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