Sunday, September 13, 2015

Republican Tax Plans To Help The Wealthy

Yahoo - AP - GOP tax proposals tilt to rich despite populist rhetoric.

The Republicans, except Trump, are almost universal in calling for increased tax deductions and lower tax rates for the wealthy. I am amazed at the party anymore. "Conservatives" praise Steve Jobs and attack Bill Gates because Gates wants to pay more in taxes, while Jobs outsources all manufacturing to China.

If you don't like the idea that I support of a flat tax with no deductions then what if we at least gave no deductions to companies that sent jobs overseas ? If you don't like that then what if we cut all available deductions by the percentage of payroll and jobs that a company had in the United States as compared to the rest of the world? Not the Republican way?

Senator Rubio wants to eliminate ALL taxes on investment income. I guess you shouldn't have to pay taxes if you gamble on the stock market and win, only if you work for a living. This is another attack on people who actually have jobs and work for a living. The Republican answer is consistently that if we stop taxing the rich they will create jobs in the United States. What if they created the jobs first rather than outsourcing them and then promising to care about the United States if they didn't pay any taxes and only the workers did. I find it anti-American to give tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas.

What about foreign companies that create jobs in America. I would give them a tax break based on the number or percentage of jobs of their company that they put in America, that promotes foreign investment. Is that not a conservative belief? The problem is not with the tax rates, it is with the deductions.

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