Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Low Information" Media Pundits

Pimpernel has never accused another person's supporters of being ignorant and find it disgusting when I see it done to Sanders or Trumps supporters. It is dismissive of this nations citizens and the democratic process. If there is any single group that is "low information" it is the media. Lets face it, they have been 100% wrong about the Trump candidacy. They did not believe he was capable of winning any elections, that has been thoroughly disproven. They have continued for the past 9 months to say that he would go down in the polls because he said things that the establishment does not like being said and he has only gone up in the polls. They have said that his support was limited to 20, 25,30 and 34 percent. That has proven to be silly and wrong with his current support as opposed to the others running in the Republican party at 49%. Remember this is the same media that said that Jeb Bush could not be stopped because of the millions and millions of dollars that the donor class had given him, that is definitely been proven wrong. So what is the problem are all the pundits just idiots or lying? You decide, either way they have destroyed their own credibility and seem hell bent on continuing to destroy any respect that people may have had for the media.

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