Saturday, March 12, 2016

I Will No Longer Support Sanders

I mention this because I had previously written that I did. I support many of his policies; but, I can no longer support him. I found his claim that Trump was responsible for the protests irresponsible and a political cheap shot. Mind you, I could not cast a vote for Clinton if my life depended on it, I find her to be very Nixonesque in her and her husbands political style. I believe she is insincere, dishonest and I simply do not trust her. I believe the attacks about her e-mails is silly; but, I still do not trust her. I will not vote for any bought and paid for establishment shill and that includes everyone except Donald Trump on the Republican side.

I believe my readers deserve to know where I am coming from so they can judge for themselves if I am consistent and honest in my analysis. Have a great weekend.

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