Saturday, March 26, 2016

More Mass Media Propaganda

I went out last night for dinner with two friends of mine, we had a really great dinner and a pleasant conversation. Once again talk turned partly to politics. As I have written before I tend to be a bit of a socialist; but, my friends tend to be very conservative. In fact, all my Republican friends are supporting Trump. I mention this because the media tends to portray Trump supporters as fascist, Nazis that hate women and wish the south had won the civil war. I find this strange as none of the people I know that support have any of those beliefs and most of them are very well educated, not low information. While my friends and I may disagree about politics and policy, the fact of the matter is that my friends are just that because they are considerate, generous and loving people. The media doesn't like presenting them that way because it doesn't fit the desperate corporate media whose masters want only the puppets that they select for President.

Recently I read two articles that claimed that people were disillusioned with the process used to select a President. One implied it was because Trump was winning, the other pointed out that people were disillusioned because there is open discussion of manipulating the process to deny both Sanders and Trump a fair count based on votes and the open plan to change the rules of the Republican convention and go as far as putting up a candidate who hadn't even run for President. It should not be surprising that Republicans began losing more and more faith in the process right after all the articles and reports came out saying how the party establishment was going to rig the race to broker the convention.

The media is not a free media, it works for giant conglomerates and it's number one goal is to support those corporate interests and not to inform the public; but, instead to manipulate the public. That is what is truly sad about this election.


The feds are at it again said...

Its called programming for a reason

Pimpernel said...

Dear "The feds are at it again",

Sorry; but, it is not the fed at anything, it is the richest against anything that prevents them from being even richer. Just look into who owns the media, it is not the fed; but, the western media is still owned by only 6 companies.