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Clinton Collapses but You Should Focus on the Media

The video is from CNN. It is titled "Video shows Hillary Clinton leaving 9/11 event early". Now I have not discussed Clinton's health, though I know many have, because at her age (68) it is not uncommon to take pills. Specifically, she has had a number of coughing fits; but, certain pills have a tendency to dry out one's throat. Some of the pills I myself take require additional hydration. This video is different, it is not of her leaving, it is of her collapsing.

Here is what we do know. Hillary Clinton in 2012 fell and hit her head. Not long after she suffered a blood clot in her head and had to take blood thinners. My father suffered a blood clot and ended up on the same thinners so I am familiar with them. To be clear, I may not like the Clintons but I wish them no ill will and do hope that her collapse today was just heat exhaustion as her camp has claimed; but, I do have an issue of how the media is discussing it.

CNN talked about it; but, rather than discussing her health issues, they tried to make it about Trump. That is insanity, Watch the video, she did not stumble, she collapsed. Prior to that she could barely stand while leaning against a concrete bollard.

When Clinton suffered the clot in her brain, the media first reported that it was probably in her legs because she had a history of them in her legs and they said that you would not give blood thinners to someone with clots in their brain.

MedicineNet - Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot.

It turned out that was a lie and she did have a clot in her head.

The Guardian - Hillary Clinton's doctors say blood clot is located between her brain and skull.

Not long ago Trump had a bad week in the press and numerous articles were written about it under that title. You will probably not see that type of article on Clinton. In the last week she has had to deal with a bad performance at the Commander in Chief forum, a continued failure to hold real press conferences (almost a year now), her falling in the polls, her calling a quarter of Americans racist, sexist, xenophobic and more, and now she collapses at the 911 memorial. That is a bad week; but, for me the issue is the media and whether they will point that out.


As I was writing this a new article was posted on Politico.

Politico - Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, doctor says.

Apparently the Clinton camp is now claiming that it was discovered by her doctors on Friday that she has pneumonia and that it is the cause of the coughing fits and the fainting. Wait a second, previously we had been told that the coughing was nothing more than her allergy to Donald Trump, what changed? Was she lying then or is she lying now or did she never stop lying about her health. I personally do not buy the pneumonia story, I have had pneumonia. She was perfectly fine when she arrived at the 911 memorial and then collapsed in 80 degree weather. 80 degrees is nothing. 80 degrees is what they recommend you keep your thermostat at during the night. Whatever her health problem may be, the fact is that the media has been lying about it being an issue for a month. The media lies to push their agenda. What happens next week should be even more interesting.

I feel I should add these pictures, pictures that I had to get from conservative sites because they didn't want to post them in the mainstream media.

I didn't think much of it at the time; but, it has new meaning today.

This last video is from 2011, prior to her falling at home and hitting her head which we are told resulted in her brain clot.

My basic belief has not changed. If it happens once, it is an anomaly. If it happens twice, it is a coincidence. If it happens three times, it is a pattern. Today marks the fourth identified time, if you count when she injured her arm, it makes five.

New York Times - Clinton to Have Surgery to Repair Elbow Fractured in a Fall. This fall was in 2009.

I may have ignored the rumors before and not written about them; but, I knew about them. I read all the biggest alternative sources on both the left and right, I merely prefer not to use them as sources and instead check out the sources they are drawing from. Questions about Hillary's health are now front and center. If the media ignores them and doesn't follow up next week it will merely demonstrate how biased and untruthful they are yet again.


While I prefer to focus on the media, this fainting spell raises questions I did not wish to get into. First we were told she had coughing fits because of allergies then it was reported that she was coughing up some green mucus. Okay, sounds like a cold, people get sick especially with all the people she is around. If they had just come out and said she had the flu or a cold this story would have died weeks ago. It certainly would not be the first time a candidate got sick on the election trail. Instead she said it was just an allergy and made a jump that it was an allergy to Trump. To tell the truth it was a pretty good joke and a good response. It would have worked as well if she said she was a little sick and blamed that on Trump.

So her coughs were blamed on allergies; but, then we were told after the fact today, after her fainting, that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Oddly enough the same day she held a fundraiser with Barbara Streisand. Apparently she didn't care if she exposed others to her "pneumonia". In fact, she cared so little about exposing others that about an hour and a half after fainting today she left her daughters house and both put her hands on and took a picture and claiming she felt great. Huh? Why would she expose a young girl to pneumonia? That's right, they didn't claim it was pneumonia until she got back to her own home; but, they also said she has known she had pneumonia since Friday, three days ago.

The media's response to all of this is to deflect and talk about Trumps health. I have even read an article that said Roosevelt had polio and was a good president. What? Everybody knew about Roosevelt's polio and most people had family or friends at that time who had suffered through it prior to the vaccine being created. As for Trumps health, come on, the guy sleeps only 4 hours a day and is a workhorse. Even those who were on his show and are not voting for him will say the guy has incredible stamina.

Now lets look at possible outcomes. What if the media pushes for her medical records and it turns out she has something serious? Does she stay in the race? What if people buy the pneumonia story and it happens again in a week or a month or the day before election day, would that be fair to her supporters.

Not long ago I wrote about how there were people in the media testing the balloon that if one of the candidates died they could delay the election. At the time we were assuming they meant Trump but I still said any delay in the elections would be wrong.


Sorry kids, I hate updating posts. As my readers know, I read papers from all over the world each day. Just a fact. It is early and the morning and I was just reading an English paper. I will post the link then quote it.

Mail Online - Clinton cancels West Coast trip due to pneumonia after collapsing at 9/11 memorial - as doctor reveals she was diagnosed on Friday

The article says the following, "Earlier on Sunday, Bardack said that Clinton 'has been experiencing a cough related to allergies'. On Friday, during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia." Wait a second, no. Her physician said yesterday that her cough was related to allergies and hours later said it was pneumonia which had been diagnosed on Friday, three days ago. Either the reporter has made a grave mistake or foreign press heard different things.

If Hillary truly has pneumonia and just suffered a fainting spell, why is she not in a hospital?

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