Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Media Massaging the Truth About Clinton

I want to talk about the science of spin or propaganda. Propaganda is the selling of an idea to the country using lies or manipulating the information. Spin is not so much lying as carefully wording to imply things that are not true. Neither approach is objective or intended to be. The problem is that most people pick a candidate or personality and will automatically defend them or attack their opponent without considering what the issue is. People tend to assume the best about who they support and the worst about their opponent and this has been demonstrated many times.

If I were to go to a Clinton rally and ask if her supporters were in agreement with her wanting to kick out any immigrants who committed crimes they would say it made sense. If I were to go to a Trump rally and said that he only wanted to kick out immigrants who committed crimes they might tell me that it was only illegal aliens or that they agreed with that policy. The fact is that the law gives us to kick out any immigrant who commits certain felonies and Bill Clinton enforced that policy and my guess is that Trump would support that law even in regards to legal immigrants just like the law says. The point is, that is already the law of the land and it has never been questioned, it is also not what is discussed by the media.

The immigration question is not being discussed, sides are being taken by people who do not know the issues. The issues are simple, should we have open borders, should we all be allowed to come and go as we wish from and to any country we wish? Good luck going to England, Mexico or any other country without a passport by the way. See what happens if you do get to that other country. We do not discuss the issues, we see who is better at spinning the questions and answers. The problem is that is all the media does anymore and the latest news regarding Hillary Clinton is just an example of the media spin.

Lets do a quick rough timeline. About two months ago certain conservative media people began questioning Clintons health. The response from the corporate media was that this was nonsense and a conspiracy. To prove their point Hillary was asked to open a pickle jar on late night television to prove she was healthy. I want you to remember that, the idea of her being sick was ridiculed. Now mind you she had previously fainted, hit her head and developed a blood clot in 2012. That is not in debate and I posted links to those articles in my last post that were written at the time.

Now some personal information. My father and I returned from Las Vegas one weekend and he left my house to go to his own. At 3:30 the next morning he called me to say he did not know where he was and had checked into a hotel room, he was scared and he did not scare easily. I went and picked him up, took him to a hospital and we discovered he had a mini-stroke also called a tia. I have been around people who have had strokes, Hillary did not have a stroke. If she had had a stroke, even a mini one they would not have let her walk away an hour and a half later. Remember her doctor visited her at Chelsea's house, how did her doctor get their so fast and why was she not seen there? I do not believe Hillary had a stroke or even a mini-stroke, they look different too.

One of my relatives suffered a strong brain concussion, he fell off a motorcycle and into a curb. That is much more similar to what happened to Hillary when she fainted and hit her head which resulted in a blood clot back in 2012. As a consequence of his head injury he ended up having seizures. I was there when he had his first seizure and it was a couple of years after the head injury. He and I were sitting in his home, he was on a bar stool and I was on the couch. We were in the middle of a conversation when out of nowhere he said, "Uh oh", his eyes went blank, he crocked to his side and dropped to the ground head first. In fact his head went right to the concrete floor. I have seen him have seizures since then; but, not the kind where he went out like the first and when it happened I TOOK HIM TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

I have to say this, when we were in Las Vegas once, my daughter fainted. Now mind you the temperature was over 100% and she had not eaten all day; but, I was next to her and caught her. We got her to her chair, fed her, got her hydrated and took her to her room where she rested and we watched over her.  Now we have been told that people knew since Friday that she had pneumonia. Well if you patient has pneumonia and passes out three days later, shouldn't you send them to the hospital for tests? I got sent to the hospital by my doctor because my blood pressure was too high and I wasn't running for president.

Everything I said is true and responds to the baloney being sold to us by the media; but, they missed something. Hillary's doctor was the one who dealt with her previous concussion and blood clot four years ago. They are so busy talking about the pneumonia that they are missing the bigger issue that brings into the question her doctor's judgement. WHY WOULD YOU LET A PERSON WHO HAD A BRAIN CUNCUSSION AND CLOTS IN HER BRAIN GO TO HER DAUGHTERS HOUSE RATHER THAN A HOSPITAL FOR TESTS. You might say that the doctor examined Hillary at her daughters house; but, does Chelsea's home have testing equipment? If your patient was running for president, had a history of blood clots in her brain and had just collapsed wouldn't you want to at least get her some head scans? To this day there is no report of Hillary going to the hospital and getting her head scanned.

Here is one of my points. I believe it is possible Hillary is suffering from a seizure disorder which was exacerbated when she hit her head in 2012.That is what the episode she had reminded me of, it reminded me of my cousin. I took my cousin to a seizure clinic for testing. I should point out that his seizures have not stilted him in any way and that they gave him medication to deal with it (some worked and some made it worse) and he hasn't had one in quite a while. He does not appear to have any long term damage from it either. There are people who have epilepsy that hold down jobs and it does not effect their performance. If Hillary has seizures then it doesn't mean she cannot function.

If we hadn't been lied to all the way then if in the beginning of this process Hillary had come out and said that because of an accident in 2012 where she hit her head, she sometimes has small seizures; but, that it had no impact on her mental abilities, do you really think her supporters would have left to vote for Trump? The media and the politicians will not be honest with you because they don't trust that you will see the truth in the same light as them. The news is supposed to be there to tell us the FACTS and let us decide what it means. When the media views it's job as telling you WHAT to think then they have become propagandists, that is the definition of the word.

The Pimpernel is not here to tell you what to think. The Pimpernel is here to point you to facts that can be found in people's own words and then tell you what I think about it. You should think whatever you believe is reasonable, that is why I provide links to the source documents from their own websites.

Here is where we are at. Something is wrong with Hillary and her doctor already knows what it is or she would have been in a hospital by now for testing. It is not pneumonia alone, though she may or may not have that too. It can in no way be related to her history of blood clots in her doctor's mind or the doctor would be responsible for extreme malpractice for not testing for mew clots. If someone has a history of seizures after a head concussion, you wouldn't necessarily send them to a hospital.

Now lets look at some of the corporate mainstream media reports on her health.

Washington Post - The man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned.  I should point out that the suspects are the Russians and Trump. Does that qualify as a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media?

Washington Post (last Tuesday) - Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?  Prior to Sunday when her doctor said her coughing was due to allergies the media claimed it was because she was on the trail and talking so much, must have been the press conferences. Why didn't the corporate mass media take any interest in her health or show any concern? The women had previously suffered a head concussion and blood clot and was known to be on blood thinners. My father was on the exact same blood thinner as are many others.

Politico - Clinton scare shakes up the race.  This article is from Sunday. It says, "The announcement late Sunday by Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardack, that Clinton had become “overheated and dehydrated” after being placed on antibiotics last week came after a day of frenzied speculation about the candidate’s health and its impact on a tightening race." I want you to understand this, on Sunday after Hillary collapsed, her doctor said it was due to overheating and dehydration, not pneumonia, her doctor claimed that later and claimed it had been diagnosed days earlier, then why didn't the doctor say that at first, why did the doctor lie or was politico lying?

New York Post - Clinton team avoided ER to conceal details of her medical treatment.  I forgot to mention, they didn't merely fail to take her to the hospital, they violated protocol and the NYPD's instruction to take her to the hospital.

New York Times (2015) - No Serious Health Issues for Hillary Clinton. Read the part where it says, "While Mrs. Clinton experienced blood clots in 1998, 2009 and 2012, tests showed that she did not have any underlying disorder that put her at an increased risk of the clots. Tests are performed to monitor the dose of Coumadin she takes and ensure that she has not experienced side effects, Dr. Bardack wrote."

YouTube - Clinton Admits She Has Fainted “A Few Times” Can't Remember...  Watch the video it is only 44 seconds, she admits that this has happened before because of dehydration, then she has she only remembers two times then she says a few times. Do you know how many times you have fainted, I do and my daughter does and my ex-wife does (she would faint each time she got pregnant).

The Daily Caller - Bill Clinton Says Hillary Has Had Fainting Spells ‘On More Than One Occasion’ [VIDEO].  Here is a quote from the article regarding what Bill Clinton said AFTER they had already claimed it was caused by pneumonia, "“Because frequently,” Clinton began, according to CBS’ website, before correcting himself, “well not frequently, rarely — but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”  Get it, he wasn't on the new talking point yet and was still repeating the last one. LOL.

The Pimpernel can spin and quite well. The Pimpernel wrote for politicians and business; but, the Pimpernel always believed in what he was fighting for, it was never for money or to hide the truth. The Pimpernel sought balanced information. Both side of the truth and I trust in the totality telling the real picture. I don't sides telling only sides and never did that myself.

Whatever is wrong with Hillary, we have not been told the truth yet and that is sad. If it were to turn out that Hillary had seizures on occasion, I would say that is not a reason to not vote for her. I might say her lying about it was; but, having seizures is not a sin nor disqualifying.

Let me be open and clear, I would not vote for a Bush or Clinton or any other person who puts corporatist internationalist interest above those of the citizens of the United States. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter until he did the sell out thing. I had not determined if I was going to vote in this election once he dropped out. I was deciding on whether or not to vote in this election at all. Now I am going to vote and it will probably be for Trump.

I don't believe Trump can change things, I wish I did; but, I don't. I want to see universal healthcare, I want to see people given a safety net that they can live on, food stamps, welfare, disability, retirements, I am for all of those things and I like a good minimum wage and am in favor of eliminating tax cuts beyond the ones for home loans and having children, I would get of the rest. I certainly would not give a United States tax break to anyone outsourcing jobs. I am for controlling our borders just like every other country and I believe in kicking out people who commit serious crimes and are immigrants. If we can put you in jail for 20 years even if you have kids born here, why can't we kick you out just because you have kids born here? I am also against trade agreements that don't respect our laws and make their own like NAFTA, TTP and others.

I am going to vote for Trump just to tell the corporate media that they cannot control the discussion anymore than kings could stop people from having similar conversations in the past. I don't know what the future brings; but, I know it is the death of a relevant and objective media, it committed suicide when it decided objectivity was not what it was selling anymore.

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