Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Freedom of Speech, the Media and Preachers.

So here is a short post. I spent about five years preaching, I never got paid, it cost me money and I never talked about politics. Theoretically, if you are a preacher and take a tax exempt status as a non-profit, you are not allowed to talk about how people should vote or you risk losing your tax exempt status. Ignore the first amendment about freedom of religion. By the way, the first amendment is about freedom of religion and says NOTHING about separation of church and state, try reading the actual constitution and you will see this.

Now here is where it gets weird. Businesses can give money to politicians for their campaigns and take a tax deduction. It gets better, businesses can give contributions to political action committees and get a tax deduction. So, why can't preachers promote the same thing and keep their tax exemption?

We used to require mass media to give opposing views and did not allow them to just promote one side of an argument. The media now claims that they have no requirement to be objective or even respectful of opposing beliefs. Propaganda has been legalized and objectivity has been sold to corporate interests. Think about that.

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