Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Political Stuff and Selling You Lies

Yahoo - Exclusive: Inside Sheldon Adelson’s plan to build an NFL stadium in Las Vegas.

Lets start with some just pure nonsense. A Las Vegas wants to build a $2 billion, 65,000 person football arena in Las Vegas; but, wants the city to pay for $750 million into the project which is $100 million more than he would be putting in. In order to achieve this they want to increase taxes. Now, we are constantly told that Las Vegas is in economic trouble and that they cannot pay their pensions; but, they can raise taxes to pay for an arena. Funny, this is the same thing going on in Detroit with the new hockey arena they want to build using tax payer money. Would you rather have more city services or a football arena that does not pay back the residents?

Huffington Post -  Donald Trump Could Get Booted Off The Ballot In Minnesota.  They don't believe in democracy and don't want your vote to count. Remember if these games are played against the Republican nominee, they will be used against the Democrats next.

Observer - WikiLeaks’ Guccifer 2.0: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to Donors.  I find it funny that Obama and Clinton are worried about how Trump would act regarding international affairs, yet, while she was Secretary of State people who paid $2 million could become ambassadors to other countries. Can you say, "Pay to Play". If you can't, don't worry, a DNC legal representative called it that in an internal memo.

Newsmax - Donna Brazile Cautions Not to Look at New DNC Hack.  The DNC chair believes the best thing to do is just ignore what WikiLeaks has published and tell people not to read it. A true believer in a non-informed public.

Bloomberg - Greenspan Worries That ‘Crazies’ Will Undermine the U.S. System.  I find this hilarious and Greenspan was the head of the Federal Reserve who fought regulating derivatives, was in favor of deregulating the banks and pushed for looser lending standards that resulted in the biggest economic crash since the great depression. I hate to tell him this; but, it was the crazies who crashed the economy and he was one of them.

Washington Post - In Las Vegas for his wife, Bill Clinton cautions against voting based on ‘road rage’.  Uncle Bill says just accept the status quo and don't let the fact that you haven't seen a raise in years upset you or effect how you vote.

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