Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why No Allergy Medicine for Hillary and Other Lies

I have allergies and I assume some of my readers have allergies. My doctor has prescribed nasal mists and pills to deal with them. My sister has allergies and uses medication for it which works very well according to her. I don't take mine, it is a choice that I have made. Apparently, Hillary has made the same choice or her doctor is an idiot. Allergy medicine is nothing new why wasn't it prescribed for Hillary?

Let me try this again. If you were running for President and had to speak at conventions and knew that you coughed a lot when you had allergies, wouldn't you take the medicine? That was the first story we were given. The story did change and it became a claim about Pneumonia. Allergies do not cause pneumonia. Pneumonia is either bacterial or viral. Why didn't her doctor know that? Why is the media saying that her allergies contributed to the pneumonia?

I will get back to Hillary and the media in a minute. I will hit 90,000 hits this month or next. I am already at over 89,000. In all that time, the Pimpernel has never made a single penny from this blog. I have never "monetized" this blog or allowed any advertisement. I cannot think of more than two occasions where I even promoted something and I received nothing for those moments. In fact the restaurants that I mentioned don't even know I had been there and that I had a blog. This blog is mostly about exposing lies and garbage. I regret that I do not spend as much time talking about technology as I had; but, this is an election cycle and that is where the media manipulation is the most obvious.

I want my readers to be the best informed about how we are manipulated. It turns out not monetizing was the way to go. The United States is planning turning over ICANN (the brain of the internet) to the United Nations. This is not a joke. I have been writing about ICANN for years on this very blog. ICANN is a group based in Marina Del Rey that sets the internet protocols so that you can find websites by name. Google would not work if it was not for ICANN and links would not work either. Well, the conversation that is being held is about having ICANN be turned over to the U.N. and at the same time prohibiting sites from making money if they direct readers to other sites to read the news or watch videos or whatever. I don't monetize this site so it will not effect me; but, it would effect news conglomerate sits like Drudge or Huffington Post.

My point is simple, if they do change the law it will not change this blog, I will continue to reference people to other sources keeping in line with the history of attributing your sources as is required in scholastic writings and journalism. Now back to Hillary.

Bill Clinton was the one who signed the law that allowed the media to consolidate into the hands of six companies and they appreciated it. Now, they are attempting to do the same with internet news resources and Hillary supports that. Bill and her were never in favor of an open and diverse press that might question them or the establishment. The corporate controlled media owes them and are paying them back by spinning every news story in their favor.

The Washington Post - The man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned.  The doctor presumes that she was poisoned by either Trump or Putin. Really, nice trial balloon.

Hillary did not cough because of an allergic reaction. None of the videos showed her sneezing from "seasonal" allergies. Seasonal allergies are due to pollen, that is what makes them seasonal. I have seasonal allergies and am allergic to many perfumes. I know which is effecting me when it is effecting me. Seasonal allergies can cause coughing; but, it also causes sneezing. In either case they have medicine for it; but, they gave up on those stories days ago and instead have turned to bacterial pneumonia. Go to Web MD and look up what the treatment for allergies is and what the treatment for bacterial pneumonia is. Guess what, there are some serious questions to be asked of her doctor.

I don't know for sure what is wrong with Hillary; but, I know we are still being told stories. The media has even said that it is sexist to ask what is wrong with Hillary. That is the media of today. It is more concerned with spin than the real news. The biggest challenges facing us are not even discussed in any real detail by the media, the media is used to placate us. Bread and Circus, just like in Roman times.

I will show again just how theatrical the news is and how scripted and staged it is. Watch the video below:

Now I want you to put on your thinking cap. Hillary faints and it is blamed on the heat (a whopping 78 degrees or so), she goes to her daughters house, drinks water and leaves after 90 minutes or so where she is met by a little girl who is allowed to run to her for a photo op and the Secret Service doesn't stop the child or even get close to Clinton. That is not Secret Service protocol for a presidential candidate. Do you see any Secret Service people around her...why not? Did they take a break? She fainted and was surrounded by Secret Service agents; but, 90 minutes later is allowed to walk through New York with no Secret Service agents near her and a child is allowed to approach her with nobody responding.

Don't accept what you see, question whether or not it makes sense. You question when you watch movies, the media is movies. The media is a story telling device and this story is not real. Here is a simple question, why hasn't the media said who this young girl was, how she ended up there or why she was allowed to approach Hillary who supposedly had pneumonia. Which parent or parents was she with and why did they allow her to run to a presidential candidate without accompanying her? This is called a photo op and she claimed she was fine and it was a "great" day in New York, she didn't complain about the weather, it was later that she returned to her home for a few days to rest. That means she lied when she said she was fine. She only lies, that is the problem.

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