Saturday, May 7, 2016

Trump and Debt

Huffington Post - Great, Donald Trump Threatened To Default On The National Debt.  I want to tell you something and expose a hypocrisy. Donald Trump has said that he would borrow money to fix our infrastructure and would consider re-negotiating the rates if we couldn't pay them. This has driven the left and the right crazy. Both sides say they have never heard of such a thing and that it is outrageous.

You may or may not remember what the Federal Reserve Chairman said during the economic crisis. He said he wasn't worried because we could always just print more dollars to pay our debts. Guess what, it is the exact same thing. Here is the difference. When we print more money, the money you have is worth less. If he offers 90 cents on the dollar for government debt, the money you have is worth the same amount. I know this is sort of technical but I want to explain it a little more.

By the way, the people that buy U.S. debt, tends to be the same banks that we bailed out during the economic crisis. In my humble opinion, we should have nationalized those banks and then bailed them out. I also believe that the heads of the banks that rigged the Libor and commodities markets should have gone to jail and we should have seized all of their assets.

I will go one step further. While at dinner with my conservative friends tonight we were discussing politics and the issue of companies sending jobs overseas came up. I gave a suggestion, I would nationalize Apple and Carrier. Sounds really communistic except I would then sell the stock to Americans who would then be the new stock holders. That is capitalism and nationalism at work. Anyone who works against the best interest of America and Americans is my enemy. My friends liked the idea.

One more story. I am working with a realtor who is from South Africa, he has been here for like 40 years. He supports Trump. I have had the opportunity to get to know the guy a bit and he sees what is happening here. In case you are wondering, he was against apartheid and worked with blacks in South Africa even though it was frowned on at the time.

The fact of the matter is that our friends who are middle class and live in foreign countries, like England, want to see us get our jobs back and secure our borders. The battle we are seeing is not between different cultures, it is between globalist, elitists and nationalist, middle and working class citizens.

The friends I went to dinner with tonight are the most conservative people I know. Old school, cold war Republicans who hate socialism. They are also loving, caring, gentle and giving. They don't read the blog so I can say this. I know they want to lend me the money to buy my mobile home, I know this, they have hinted at it enough. I also know that they give a lot to charity. Look, I have the best friends in the world and they have been with me through some pretty ugly times. None of my readers ever have to worry about me, ever. I can pretty much have anything I want and that is the problem because there isn't anything I want that I don't have. I want to read the news, write and pretty much be left alone other than family and friends. I have those things.

I don't want my friends help because I am a prideful old man. I earned what I have and I have enough. If I absolutely needed help, it is there and I would take it. The hardest lessen and I wrote about this, was learning that if we help others, we have to be willing to be helped if we need it and I don't need it. My choices are not based on need or force, I don't respond to those things and walk my own path.

I have had people say that they like my blog; but, don't like the spiritual stuff. Well, if I didn't say the spiritual stuff than they would not know me. I would not be open and honest to hide those things. I have absolute faith that God will take care of me. If my friends have to help me than I am concerned that it will appear that I do not have that faith. It might be easier to take help; but, I have faith in God.

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